Teaching Young Girls To Look Through The Lens of Real Women

Brilliant article by Margot Peppers.

Recently inspired by an article in the Daily Mail UK, it dawned on me how far we’ve come, but how long we still have to go as women influencing young girls to look through the lens of real women.

The article written by Margot Peppers is a great account of a mother who shunned a Disney Princess ideal to dress her daughter up as five REAL heroines of history.  Brave move for a mum who’s young girl is no doubt consumed (as we all are) with society’s addiction to viewing women through the lens of glamour, chic and sex appeal.

Nothing wrong with that, we are gorgeous female specimens after all, but where is the line in the sand, and how young is too young for girls to evoke mis-intepreted societal ideals about who women really are today?

more:- http://www.projecteve.com/teaching-young-girls-to-look-through-the-lens-of-real-women/

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