Live discussion: why isn’t pay fair? Join the debate today…

A report out this week reveals that men get paid more than women – and receive bigger bonuses. Join us to discuss why, and how we can change it…

A new survey has revealed that men are paid more than women and earn more in bonuses than their female colleagues. Over a lifetime, men doing the same job may get up to £140,000 more in bonus packages.

While nobody could argue that these figures are fair, the gender pay gap still exists in workplaces across the country, despite legislation to ensure equal pay. So what’s going on?

Opinions are divided about the causes. Some commentators have argued that women are hesitant when it comes to asking for a pay rise, and as a result price themselves out of the market. Ann Francke, chief executive of the Chartered Management Institute, cites a variety of reasons, from a lack of ambition as a result of poor role models, to leaky talent pipelines and problems around maternity leave and time off.



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