Offer of employment…who is this Julia Ebron?

Obviously a total scam – I thought I would share it….

Good morning Mrs Cassandra Charles-Bagott,

We are delighted to offer you employment as Financial Support Agent We acquired your resume at

The position is subjected to the following terms and conditions:

• Salary: Will be paid in monthly installments of 1500.00 pounds, subject to deductions for taxes and withholdings as required by law and the company policies.

• 8 % Commission.

• Benefits:

– Formal training via our personal supervisor training program

– Management growth opportunities

– Health care and retirement plan

– Solid technology support

– Paid vacation

– Paid Sick leave

• Non-Compete Agreement: non-compete agreement must be signed prior to start.

• Terminating the employment: employment is at-will basis. Both parties can terminate the relationship with a notice of 2 weeks at any time. If you are in agreement with the above outline, please let me know. This offer expires in 1 week

Please review this offer of employment, if you have any queries about these please do not hesitate to contact contact us at


Thank You,

Julia Ebron

HR department


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