Gender GEDI Executive Report – 2014

Globally, women and men are not on a level playing field in terms of access to resources, which continues to impact women’s ability to start and grow businesses. The Gender-GEDI focuses specifically on identifying and assessing the
gendered nature of factors that, if addressed, could allow high potential female entrepreneurs an equal chance to flourish.

Key Findings
In the 2014 Gender GEDI Index, the number of countries analyzed increased from 17 to 30. Built upon the same theoretical framework as the 2013 Gender-GEDI – measuring entrepreneurial environment, ecosystem and individual
aspirations, and scoring nations on a scale ranging from 0 to 100 – our analysis this year uncovers the following key findings:

  •  The United States (with a score of 83), Australia (80) and Sweden (73) are the top ranking countries in the 2014 Gender-GEDI. They are followed by France and Germany (tied at 67), Chile (55), the United Kingdom (54) and Poland (51) which all received an overall score of 50 or more.

Download full report – Gender GEDI_Executive Report-2014

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