Women in Leadership – Six degrees of separation: why you need to network

Recent high-profile appointments to Ofsted and the BBC, show that like it or not, networking and connections play a vital role in modern business culture. Use them wisely, says Lottie O’Conor

When Zoe Williams wrote last week about the worrying trend of “cronyism” overtaking real experience in a number of high profile appointments, there was a chorus of agreement. The culture of recruiting from a narrow pool of “people like us” can be a significant barrier to diversity, stifling any real progress towards workplace equality.

So where does that leave those of us without a little black book of industry insiders? The truth is, the old adage of “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know” isn’t just relevant for old Etonians with parents in high places. Like it or not, in our hyperconnected business world, building and growing your network can be almost as important as the contents of your CV.

Many companies openly offer recruitment bonuses for employees who can recommend someone they know for a new role. If you’re part of an endless sea of graduates fighting for an entry-level job, having someone in the company recognise your name could mean the difference between having your CV binned or passed to the manager.

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