Tonight Bailliage de Londres entertains at the Stafford London

Bailliage de Londres are extremely excited with the fabulous menu and wines prepared exclusively for our last event in 2015. Tonight’s 27 October dinner at the Stafford Hotel will be in the Sutherland Room with food prepared by Carlos Martinez, Executive Chef, and wine selected by Gino Nardella, Master Sommelier,

Flyer for this wonderful evening.

Chaîne des Rôtisseurs brings together professional and non-professional members worldwide, who appreciate and share a mutual interest in cuisine, wine and fine dining linked by a wonderful camaraderie.  If you are interested in attending any events, please email:-

To learn more about the Chaîne and our varied programme of activities, we invite you to browse the website. (new site is under construction).

Katariina Järvinen ARPS the London Bailliage official photographer has captured all our 2015 beautiful events in the Chaîne Photographic Gallery, all of which can be viewed here 

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