Happy Fathers Day

I cry that both my father and husband have gone,
But I also smile because both have lived,
I close my eyes and pray that both are here,
But open my eyes and see they have both left, me and puss.
My heart is empty because I can’t see them
But I am full of the love that I had the honoured to share with them,
I know I can’t ever turn my back on tomorrow and live yesterday,
But I can be happy for tomorrow because of the moments I cherished with them both.
I will always remember them both now they have gone
But I will always cherish my father and husband memories so they can live on,
I will cry a little, close my mind and feel the emptiness
But I will be strong, and do what they would have both wanted me to do…smile, open my eyes, love and go on, drink champagne and be happy….knowing that puss and I have been loved unconditionally

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