Menopause Matters

2018 and at last Menopause is now literally a ‘hot’ topic and is being discussed in all the media.

Hot flushes, anxiety, tiredness, difficulty in sleeping, additional muffin tops, hair thinning, increase facial hair are just a few of the symptoms.   Us women,  all suffer the dreaded Meno-P differently and from severe to minimum impact.

I salute all the women out there who lived through the Meno-P without any support, advice or social network.  Many women were / area embarrassed to say anything to doctors or even other women.  Fear not! we can continue being amazingly strong feminine women who just need a little assistance to help us through this ‘annoying’ stage in our lives.

We can ‘control’ the symptoms by changing our diet, exercising using alternative medicine or HRT; whatever you choose to help you through this, remember you are not alone.   Organisations, on-line help our out there to help you…just don’t be afraid to reach out for support.